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Progenesis QI enables you to find the real changes in your data:

  • Increase sensitivity & find statistically significant features
  • Minimise false negatives and false positives
  • Gain consistent results you can have real confidence in

A Progenesis QI analysis gives no missing values, just increased statistical power because you throw nothing away.


Why are missing values a serious issue?

Analyse ALL of your data today

"We went from spending countless hours analyzing thousands of lines on spreadsheets, to completely automated quantitative proteomics performed in only a few hours.”

Paul Langlais—University of Arizona, Arizona, USA

"Gold standard for label-free LCMS data analysis across all instrument platforms.”

Dr. Mark McComb—Boston University, MA, USA

Download Progenesis QI
for your small molecules data analysis

Download Progenesis QI for proteomics
for your peptide and protein data analysis