What file formats, data types and instrument types are supported?

File formats

TransOmics™ Informatics directly supports many of the most common data formats produced by LC-MS machines. It also offers an extension mechanism by which new formats can be supported.

The following list gives the various file formats currently supported, both those that are pre-packaged with the software and others that can be downloaded to extend your existing software:

Currently, other formats should be converted to mzML or mzXml.

Data type

Data may be in either Profile or Centroided forms although you will usually get the best results using profile data. Additionally, if you use centroided data you will be asked to enter the full width at half maximum (FWHM) resolution of the machine on which the data was collected.

Instrument types

TransOmics™ Informatics works with a wide variety of machine types. For most instrument types the default peptide detection method in TransOmics™ Informatics should be used. For low resolution ion trap instruments, the specialised low resolution detection method option in TransOmics™ Informatics should be used. We have also included an option for optimum detection of runs from Thermo FT-ICR instruments, which typically has much lower levels of noise than data from other instrument types.