PLGS version 2.3 (*final_peptide.csv)

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Note: an alternative plugin is available for versions 2.5 and 2.4.

This plugin allows you to import peptide identification results from Waters MSᴱ data generated by ProteinLynx Global Server (PLGS).

Before analysing samples in PLGS, you should first use its automation options to make sure it will produce final peptide files.

  • Open Tools|Automation Setup
  • Spectra Output
  • Apex3D
  • Ion Accounting Output
  • ensure "final_peptide" is ticked and select the output folder

You can then load the Waters RAW folders directly into PLGS. Load results into TransOmics™ Informatics by finding and importing the final peptide reports from the output folder selected above, there should be one file for every sample analysed.

Export format:n/a
Import format:PLGS final peptide reports (*final_peptide.csv)