Nonlinear Dynamics: A Waters Company

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"Everything about Nonlinear Dynamics makes it a great company to work with..."

Merry L. Lindsey
Ph.D., Assistant Professor
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Nonlinear Overview

Nonlinear Dynamics develops next-generation LC-MS data analysis software under the Progenesis™ QI brand name for extracting fundamental information from omics data sets. Two leading products, Progenesis QI for small-molecule applications and Progenesis QI for proteomics applications, deliver highly-accurate quantitative data analysis with simplicity, scalability, statistical processing and improved visualizations.

Nonlinear Dynamics, a private company since 1989, was acquired by Waters Corporation in August 2013 after a successful agreement where Nonlinear supplied Progenesis software under the TransOmics™ name. Progenesis LC-MS software has become widely recognised within the proteomics field since its launch in 2008 with its unique “quantify and then identify” approach to analysis of label-free LC-MS data. From talking with our customers we found a high demand for easy-to-use quantitative data analysis software for LC-MS metabolomics applications. As a result Progenesis CoMet was released in 2011 to discover and reliably quantify compounds and metabolites that are significantly changing in your samples. TransOmics versions of these products delivered enhanced data-analysis to support the functionality from Synapt-G2, Synapt-G2S and Synapt-G2Si high-definition mass-spectrometers.

With Nonlinear Dynamics now a Waters company the functionality of separately branded solutions, Progenesis and TransOmics™ Informatics, has been combined into the new Progenesis QI branded software. This maintains the recognition of Progenesis as world-leading software for ‘omics data analysis and its support for all major instruments you may have now or in the future, as well as providing additional features specifically to support Waters customers.

Nonlinear is based in Newcastle upon Tyne, on the north-east coast of England and has office in Durham, North Carolina, USA supporting the Americas. Nonlinear maintain support for its customers with a dedicated customer care team which is renowned for its rapid response and expert advice.