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Progenesis SDF Studio

A free tool to view, merge and repair SDF and MOL files.

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What is Progenesis SDF Studio?

Progenesis SDF Studio is free software that enables you to view, merge and repair your SDF and MOL files. Exported SDFs can be used as a data source in Progenesis QI, or in any other software that consumes SDFs.

Key benefits

Using Progenesis SDF Studio, you’ll benefit from:

Explore your SDF database

Progenesis SDF Studio allows you to easily and clearly see which compounds are present in your SDF database file. Each compound's 2D structure is shown graphically, along with metadata such as description, mass and formula. The database can be searched and sorted using a number of compound properties, enabling deep exploration of your data.

Combine SDF/MOL files

Multiple databases from disparate sources can be combined in a simple and efficient process. The combination is searchable as normal, and duplicates can be manually deleted. Export your combination to a new SDF, thus creating a truly customized compound database.

Automatic highlighting of invalid compounds

The Progenesis team have encountered many incorrectly formatted SDF databases. Rather than reject these invalid files outright, Progenesis SDF Studio intelligently detects and highlights which specific compounds are invalid. You then have the choice of fixing or deleting the broken compounds.

Want to learn more?

For more information on how SDF databases are used within Progenesis QI, please see the following:

  • How Progenesis MetaScope works: an overview of how Progenesis QI searches SDF databases, via the MetaScope search engine.
  • How Progenesis QI works: an overview of how analysis is performed in Progenesis QI, focussing on the most important technical details that differentiate Progenesis from other software

Finally, if you have any questions that are not covered by these pages, or would like to learn more about Progenesis SDF Studio or Progenesis QI, please ask us a question. We aim to respond to all enquiries within 1 working day.