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Progenesis LC-MS

A unique approach for label-free LC-MS data analysis
Quantify and identify the significant proteins in your experiment…

Why is it better to run Progenesis LC-MS on a 64-bit operating system?

LC-MS analysis generates large amounts of data, especially if you run appropriate numbers of replicates for your experiment design, with each file routinely ~1GB. This means processing LC-MS data is very memory intensive.

Progenesis LC-MS provides a solution to processing large numbers of data files in one experiment. It has been developed to use the additional available memory and enhanced memory management available on 64-bit operating systems. In a 32-bit environment the restrictions on available memory are too great to process some datasets particularly as you increase the number of runs required to generate statistically reliable data. The 64 bit operating system increases the memory available to each process and the total usable memory of the PC to enable your data to be analysed successfully.

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