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What inclusion list formats are supported?

Progenesis LC-MS directly supports many of the most common data formats produced by LC-MS machines. It also offers an extension mechanism by which new formats can be supported (see the custom development section below).

The following list gives the various file formats currently supported, both those that are pre-packaged with the software and others that can be downloaded to extend your existing software:

Inclusion list format Download the plugin
ABI inclusion list Provided as standard
Agilent Preferred MSMS Table Download Agilent Preferred MSMS Table
Agilent Targeted MSMS Table Download Agilent Targeted MSMS Table
Bruker Maxis inclusion list Download Bruker Maxis inclusion list
MassLynx mass inclusion list Provided as standard
Thermo Finnigan (4 d.p.) inclusion list Download Thermo Finnigan (4 d.p.) inclusion list
Thermo Finnigan inclusion list Provided as standard

Custom development

We're happy to work with you to support other inclusion list formats you may prefer to use. If you're interested in this option, please email support_nld@waters.com and one of our development team will contact you to discuss your needs and how we might help.