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How do I remove a run from my experiment?

If you need to remove a run from your experiment, you can do this from the Import Data screen. First, select the run you want to remove in the list at the left of the screen. To remove the selected run, you can either:

  • Press the Delete key on your keyboard, or
  • Click the Actions button above the ion intensity map and select the Remove run option from the popup menu (show me).
  • Right-click on the run in the list and select the Remove run option from the popup menu
  • If the run failed to import correctly, click the Remove run button in the red Data import errors panel at the right

After taking any of the above actions, you will be prompted for confirmation before the run is removed.

Note: although the run is removed from the experiment, the original data file is not deleted from your computer, so you can still import it again later or use it in another experiment.