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How do I use the Recombine Samples page to recombine my fractionated samples?

The Recombine Samples page is used to tell the software which runs are fractions of the same sample. (Why do I need to do this?)

The main area on the right shows all runs that have yet to be assigned to a sample. Each row in this area corresponds to a single fraction. When a set of runs is assigned to a sample, those runs are moved to a list at the left, grouped as a single sample.

To create a recombined sample simply select one run from each fraction that correspond to the same fractionated sample and click the Create sample from selected runs button.

The Recombine Samples Page

You can edit the sample names to make them more meaningful to your experiment.

Tips for speeding up this process

If each of your single-fraction experiments has its samples in the same order, the runs from each sample will appear in a single column on the Recombine Samples screen. In this case, simply click the Create sample button above the column to create a sample containing the runs in that column.

Create samples from columns

Also, if the runs have been named consistently, you can use the search box at the top of the page to filter the display. If the filter results in a set of runs that can be made into a recombined sample, then you can hit Enter to create this sample.

Create samples from search filters