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Progenesis QI for proteomics

The next generation in LC-MS proteomics data analysis software.
Discover the significantly changing proteins in your samples.


Progenesis QI for proteomics and its strong heritage

Nonlinear Dynamics was acquired by Waters Corporation in August 2013 after a successful agreement where Nonlinear supplied Progenesis under the TransOmics™ name to support analysis of data using the enhanced functionality available with Synapt-G2, Synapt G2S and Synapt –G2Si high-definition mass-spectrometers.

With this latest software release we can now combine the functionality of two separate branded software products, Progenesis LC-MS and TransOmics™ Informatics into one. This maintains the recognition of Progenesis as world-leading software for ‘omics data analysis and its support for all major instruments you may have now or in the future, including additional features specifically to support Waters customers.