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Support for PEAKS Studio (pepXml import only)

Download PEAKS Studio (pepXml import only)

About this plug-in

Supports imports of searches performed using PEAKS Studio from Bioinformatics Solutions Inc.

This plugin allows you to import results from PEAKS Studio without exporting an MGF file from Progenesis.

To search using this plugin:

  1. Import your raw data into Progenesis and analyse up to the Identify Peptides screen.
  2. Perform a search in PEAKS Studio using your raw data files.
  3. Export a pepXml file from the text format window in PEAKS Studio.
  4. Import the pepXml into Progenesis using this plugin.

Which PEAKS plugin should I use?

This plugin should be used if you are using mixed mode fragmentation, which Progenesis does not currently support.

Otherwise, you should use the PEAKS Studio plugin to export an MGF from Progenesis.

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