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How has data processing been improved in Progenesis LC-MS v4.1?

Progenesis LC-MS v4.1 performs automatic reference run selection and alignment and reports alignment quality scores for your imported runs. This increases objectivity of analysis and frees-up your research time.

Reference run selection and alignment can be started simultaneously as you start to load your runs, so you can:

  • Spend time away from the computer screen as Progenesis LC-MS automatically performs the first key data analysis steps, confident they are applied objectively every time
  • Let the software select the reference run that gives the best alignment quality scores across all your runs for increased objectivity and reproducibility of data analysis
  • Reduce automated processing time by selecting a single run or a limited set of runs, which routinely produce the best alignment scores, for the software to choose a reference from
  • Review quality assurance scores for alignment so you can be confident that the next stage of automatic peak picking and normalisation will achieve the best analysis results possible
  • Visualise alignment quality with a simple red/orange/green colour-coded grid overlaid across each run
  • Define threshold scores for alignment to objectively reject poor quality runs and help improve reproducibility of results between experiments
  • Immediately see the effect of adding manual alignment vectors has on the alignment scores, should editing be required
  • Maintain a check on LC-MS system performance with each run displayed as an ion intensity map once loaded

Automated processing in Progenesis LC-MS

The workflow to show where the initial data processing steps, (1), have been automated and how alignment can be a simple review before applying automatic peak picking, a feature already available in previous versions of Progenesis LC-MS