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Progenesis CoMet

A unique approach for metabolomics data analysis
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Progenesis CoMet v1.0 - user guide and tutorial data set

To help you get started with Progenesis CoMet, a user guide and tutorial data set are available to download.

User guide

The user guide will guide you through an analysis using the tutorial data set.

User Guide (5MB)

Tutorial data set

The tutorial data set will let you follow the analysis steps in the user guide.

Tutorial data set (188MB)

Extract the contents of the downloaded file to any folder on your PC. The folder will then contain a file named CoMet Tutorial.CoMetArchive. To open this experiment, simply double-click on the extracted file; Progenesis CoMet will start and you will see the following prompt:

The Import From Archive prompt

Just click the Import button to accept the default Name and Folder values in the prompt. Progenesis CoMet will then extract and load the experiment.