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Progenesis QI

The next generation in LC-MS data analysis software.
Discover the significantly changing compounds in your samples.


Progenesis QI is the new name for Progenesis CoMet

Evidence Progenesis QI works

Below are some examples from different labs around the world, as well our own research and development, demonstrating how Progenesis QI supports metabolomics research. If you want to share how you use Progenesis QI, let us know and we can include it here.

Progenesis QI in action

What can be achieved using untargeted metabolomics and Progenesis QI.

A Label-Free, Multi-Omic Study to Qualitatively and Quantitatively Characterize the Effects of a Glucosylceramide Inhibitor on Obesity

In this video poster from ASMS 2014, Robert Tonge of Waters presents a study that qualitatively and quantitatively characterizes the effects of a glucosylceramide inhibitor on obesity.