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Progenesis QI customer quotes

“We have characterised human cohort samples for years now by targeted mass spectrometric analyses but we need to take the next step of untargeted profiling in order to identify novel targets. Two crucial steps in this line of research are the alignment of spectra and the normalisation. We experienced that Progenesis is doing that in a manner that is transparent and easy to follow. This is especially relevant for us since we are doing a lot of the studies in cooperation with other groups and now it becomes easier for us to explain what is happening in the data processing. Another very relevant feature for us is the creation and embedding of in-house databases of mass spectra reference spectra and this can be done with Progenesis in a very easy and comfortable way.”

Prof. Dr. Martin von Bergen
Head of Department of Molecular Sytems Biology/Head of Proteomics & Metabolomics Platform ProMetheus, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, Leipzig, Germany

“Progenesis QI, QIP and EZInfo package allows us to handle more proteomics and N-glycopeptide projects than ever in our career. Easy to use and easy to explain GUI enables efficient data handling and discussions with collaborators of various backgrounds easily. There is no difference if the project large or small, it is analysed in the same smooth efficient way, no matter if it is untargeted UDMSE or glycopeptide quantitation study. The integrated PCA-analysis is essential tool when sample set consists of different populations, phenotypes or unknown groups to visualize them in efficient way. NLD support is fast, efficient and always willing to work with you, which these days I find very remarkable.”

Sakari Joenväärä
Mass Spectrometry Expert/Laboratory Manager, Helsinki University and Helsinki University Central Hospital, Helsinki, Finland

“We have been running samples for 2 months non-stop, resulting in a data set of 1115 samples, each sample consisting of a 30 minutes gradient separation and an average of about at least 3000 compound ions per sample. A gradually increasing retention time shift up to more than one minute was observed towards the end of the gradient for the last 400 samples, but with Progenesis QI we could align all of them without any exception! This was a challenging task which to my opinion no other software would be able to handle!”

Geert Goeminne
Mass Spectrometry Expert, Department of Plant Systems Biology, VIB, Ghent University, Belgium

“Given the complexity of LC-MS data, Progenesis QI does a great job and I should say its performance, and technical support is highly reliable.”

Dr. Takayoshi Suzuki
National Institute of Health Sciences, Tokyo, Japan

“Progenesis QI is really a powerful software to process the metabolomics and lipidomics data and easy to control, especially for those who haven't any experience of metabolomics or lipidomics. Nonlinear support have helped us to get the most out of the software. As for the MSMS identification, Progenesis QI has improved a lot and we can use it for the study of human disease, animal model, environment and so on.”

Dr Yanqun Fan
Beijing Institute of Genomics, China

“As a university laboratory focusing on untargeted analysis partnering with many industrial and academic laboratories, we have been integrating Progenesis QI in our untargeted metabolomics workflow for 2 years. Its capability to gather data from different MS instruments fairly easily, to integrate home-made databases for fast identification with publicly available ones, to extract and compare high-resolution in-house MS/MS data (including ion mobility data from Waters) are a few of the highlights that makes this tool much appreciated in our laboratory.

We have employed Progenesis QI successfully for “omics”-like workflows in different biological matrices from human urine, plasma and serum to cellular extracts.”

Prof. Serge Rudaz, Dr. Fabienne Jeanneret & Dr. David Tonoli
Swiss Centre of Applied Human Toxicology (SCAHT), Basel, Switzerland and University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

“Untargeted metabolomics data of foods, plants, microorganisms, and biofluids obtained by means of UPLC-ESI-TOF MSE is transformed from raw data into information suitable for their biological interpretation via Progenesis QI.

Progenesis QI with its fast and simple workflow has become the standard software for processing our metabolic profiling data, it has significantly increased our processing speed, from aligning chromatograms up to putatively identifications of significantly changed metabolites.”

Dr. Timo Stark
Food Chemistry & Molecular Sensory Science, Technische Universität München, Germany

“As a large mass spectrometry facility we perform a wide range of custom and routine small molecule analyses. Progenesis QI is currently helping us analyse the metabolomics and lipidomics data from an increasing number of projects including metabolomics of disease, gene knockout effects, marine organism interactions and designer drugs in sports.

The combination of ease of use and powerful analysis allows us to rapidly train new users to generate useful results for their project. The sticking point in metabolomics is still identifying the compounds detected, it is good to see Progenesis QI taking steps towards solving this with the MS/MS data interpretation and searching.”

Dr Russell Pickford, Research Fellow
Small Molecule Mass Spectrometry and Metabolomics Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry Facility
University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia

“Untargeted metabolomics, where there is no known answer, is a challenge that can involve applying many different applications and significant time to generate results. Progenesis QI provides a single workflow combining all the major steps needed for semi-quantitation and annotation of putative compounds for further validation that can quickly validate LC-MS approaches.”

Malin Olson
Institute of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology, Zurich, Switzerland

“Progenesis QI allowed us to align and process more than 600 samples of 30 minutes UPLC-HDMS separations in half a day, we never thought this amount of data could be processed at once in such a short time window!

Progenesis QI has become the standard software for processing our metabolic profiling data, it has increased our processing speed, from aligning chromatograms up to identifications of significantly changed metabolites, with at least a factor of 10!”

Geert Goeminne
VIB Department of Plant Systems Biology, Ghent University, Belgium

“Progenesis QI gives an accurate and fast data processing experience using a user friendly workflow approach. Within the same data set you can switch between different experimental designs with the statistics updating in seconds, a key tool for complex metabolomics experiments involving many different groups.”

Mike Dickinson
The Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA), York, United Kingdom

“Untargeted metabolomics analysis is only one method that I am applying in my research and I have adopted this approach relatively recently. It requires a diverse set of skills to obtain meaningful results. The Progenesis software combines a large number of programs into a simple workflow and thereby makes my life more easy. I like that all outcomes of intermediate steps are well visualized and thereby provide control over the process.”

Michael Rützler
Department of Biochemistry and Structural Biology, Lund University, Sweden