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What are the implications of deleting a file from the Recent Experiments list?

When you choose to remove a file from the list of recent experiments in the Experiments screen, you are presented with 2 options:

The Delete Recent Experiment dialog

The difference between the two options is important, helping you to organise your experiments better:

Only remove it from the list
This will remove the experiment from the Recent Experiments list, but will not delete the files on your disk. If you want to open that experiment again later, you can still do so, using the Open command to browse for it.
Remove it from the list and delete the experiment file
As well as removing the experiment from the list of recent experiments, this option will delete the experiment files on your disk. This means the experiment file and its associated analysis will be lost. If you want to keep a copy of your experiment before deleting, please use the Copy to Archive command first.

Neither of the above options will delete your raw run data.