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How do I edit the set of ions from which a compound is formed?

If you find that either:

  • a compound includes an ion that you think is actually a different compound, or
  • an ion that should be part of the same compound has not been grouped with it

then you can edit the compound's set of ions.

Adding an ion to a compound

If you wish to add an ion to the current compound, right-click with the mouse within the ion's outline in the deconvolution matrix.

Adding an ion to an existing compound

From the context menu, select Add to compound. Provided the ion has the correct charge for the relevant adduct, it will be added to the selected compound and removed from its previous compound. Where this changes the selected compound from a single-ion compound to a multi-ion compound, the deconvolution matrix will change accordingly (it will switch to the single row view).

Removing an ion from a compound

To remove an ion from a compound, right-click within the ion you wish to remove and select Remove from compound from the context menu. The adduct form will be removed and, if only one ion remains in the compound, the deconvolution matrix will switch to its grid view, indicating that the remaining adduct form can no longer be determined.

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