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What file formats can I use to import an experiment design?

Two file formats are supported for importing an experiment design:

  • MassLynx .SPL files
  • .CSV files

CSV file format

The CSV file containing grouping information should have at least two columns, the first of which is the sample name.

The sample name must match exactly the name of the run shown in Progenesis.

The CSV file should also reserve the first row for column headings.

Below is an example of a valid CSV file for importing an experiment design.

Sample Name Sample Run Date Grouping
CONTROL_1 12/06/2012 Control
CONTROL_2 12/06/2012 Control
TREATED_1 12/06/2012 Treated
TREATED_2 12/06/2012 Treated

After choosing a CSV or SPL file, you will be promted to choose the column you wish to group on.

For example, choosing to group by the Grouping column with the above file would produce two conditions, "Control" (containing CONTROL_1 and CONTROL_2) and "Treated" (containing TREATED_1 and TREATED_2).