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METLIN batch metabolite search

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METLIN is a metabolite database for metabolomics. This identification method integrates with the batch search interface available on the METLIN website. It does this by exporting the masses of the selected features and importing the resulting identifications from the CSV file that METLIN produces.

METLIN not only provides information on the names, formulae and theoretical masses of metabolites; it also provides a link to a web page containing identifiers for the compound on various other databases such as KEGG and HMDB.

IMPORTANT: a note about downloading search results

When performing your search on the METLIN website, it is critical that you wait for the results page to finishing loading before downloading the file. Failure to do so may mean that the file you download does not match the results presented in the web page, meaning your identifications could be wrong.

To see whether the page is still downloading, look for the 'downloading' animation. For example, this is how to identify it in the 3 most popular web browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer:
The icon that shows Internet Explorer is still downloading the results
Mozilla Firefox:
The icon that shows Firefox is still downloading the results
Google Chrome:
The icon that shows Chrome is still downloading the results

Do not download the results file until the animation has finished.

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